GTA 5 will be released in the PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Today through Sony held a question and answer session at E3, we get the news that one of the best amusements discharged a year ago, Grand Theft Auto 5, will be accessible in the PS4. Anyway, if the PS4 be the main advanced comfort that get open-world session of this colossal? The answer is surely no, no notice of Xbox One and PC rendition is a characteristic thing on the grounds that the declaration is made on his show Sony.


As per the declaration given Sony, in the event that you beforehand played GTA 5 Online (one of the components that exist in GTA V) on the PS3 or Xbox 360, then you can proceed with your character in GTA Online PS4. This obviously additionally applies in the event that you like to get the PC form and the Xbox One. Also Rockstar additionally declared that the new form will have enhanced nature of surfaces, determination, and a more swarmed environment.

Obviously that made me inspired by this declaration is not a specialized matter was not essential as visual quality more detail, yet that now exists in GTA V PS3 and Xbox 360 even I think this is sufficient, the most intriguing is the way that this diversion will go into PC. Simply envision what sort of different sorts of mod we can get if GTA 5 on the PC. In the event that GTA IV could just do something like this, conceivable outcomes of GTA 5  is clearly much more extensive.

GTA V will be discharged for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in the pre-winter of 2014 (around the month of September to November). And we will be launch GTA 5 money hack online to get more money, armor and others

How to Hide Dark Elixir on Clash of Clans

Hi gamers, do you often get into trouble as a result of farming resources have you piled but depleted taken away overnight after you stay asleep? This could happen by any player since Clash of Clans is a global online game, so hours of play time you certainly are not the same as the other players. So whenever another player can seize your property such as gold, and Dark elixir elixirs. Due to modifications in the system Dark Elixir (Dark Elixir can begin to be built in the Town Hall 8 and the reduction of costs for refills Dark Elixir inferno Tower), and time for me to share the secrets of how to easily hide Dark Elixir in the base.


Troops Prepare to hide Dark Elixir

The essence of the way in concealing Dark Elixir actually the same as we are in hiding Elixir trick is to hoard Troops in barrack training queue and this time I will be attempting to provide the best combination of heap troops for each level of Town Hall. Because the Dark level Barracks owned different and diverse players. So the combination of the following I will assume Dark Barracks to be used is at the maximum level of each level of Town Hall.

Town Hall 7: 10 units Hog Rider level 2 in 1 Dark Barrack level 2 = 450 Dark Elixir

Town Hall 8: 14 units Hog Rider level 4 in 2 Dark Barrack level 4 = 1624 Dark Elixir, or

Town Hall 8: 8 units Valkyrie level 2 + 1 unit Hog Rider level 4 in 2 Dark Barrack level 4 = 1716 Dark Elixir

Town Hall 8: 2 units Golem level 2 + 2 units Hog Rider level 4 in 2 Dark Barrack level 4 = 2332 Dark Elixir

Town Hall 9/10: 7 Witch unit level 2 + 1 unit Hog Rider 2 level 5 in Barrack Dark Dark level 6 = 10,060 Elixir

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How to Get PSN Code Generator

If we talk Playstation indeed very fun. Especially if we have the psn code to buy games that we like. With the PSN Code Generator you no longer need to pay enough you enter the code in the PSN Store. Apart from a very popular game in this year you certainly will find a list of games cool games on the PSN Store which offers addictive game. To be able to access all the games you certainly have to buy at high prices, but there are also games that are free but with gameplay that is less steady.


The PSN also you can play multiplayer games, watch movies and others. PSN is online shopping to buy a game that almost mostly above $ 50 but it is not easy to buy here you need a credit or capital on PSN. Now to get the credit that you have to put money through credit card. But do not worry PSN code generator will give random code and can work 100% in the PSN store.

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Call Of Duty Heroes Review: Celerium, Gold & Oil Resources

Call of Duty Heroes prioritize and adapt, we build a military base with graphic full 3D with defense, barracks, vehicle and building existing resources. With much of the gold and oil will allow create a formidable force and sophisticated armored vehicles in an effort to fight against your opponent’s base and for having a lot of experience, resources will reach the top position. Then we will ask a question about the word “Heroes”? In addition to the fire and the troops were forgotten and your vehicle can also release the forces in the enemy base. Call of Duty Heroes combines controlled character of Black Ops and Modern Warfare.


In Call of Duty Heroes is full of social features, such as for example an alliance that has a function as a de facto clans, which allows you to join up to 25 more members to take such great superpower. And you can also contribute forces and provide support to the friends of your friends in the clans or also you can hoard resources and ammunition to attack, where you and your affiliates will fight a match with other alliances.

But this game is not only a military social games alone, for this kind of solitary, Call of Duty Heroes campaign with the mission length is divided into five continents. Which each contain pre-built base for you to attack progress through missions with a high enough score to open the continent is still in the lock. And the mission is definitely stronger than previously missions. And if you do not want to attack and play alone, you can play Call of Duty Heroes with survival mode will send waves of increasingly difficult forces you to test how big your castle.

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Gunbrick Review

Gunbrick is a game puzzle platformer very challenging which has benefits on both sides of the vehicle box you have. For mere information, Gunbrick itself is a strange vehicle name will you control the whole way in this game. As there is no wheel around the four sides, automatically you will move gunbrick by means rolling through the sweep of a finger on the screen. Uniquely in this game, the vehicle has a shield Gunbrick located at the top as well as the style of Mega Man blaster pistol found on the bottom. Utilizing on both this side is the key for pass through hurdle puzzle who has been ye temuai along the action ye inside rolling in gunbrick. To the shield you can use to block the laser and fire pit trap contained in this game. As for the gun, you can catapult gunbrick opposite direction and attack the enemy or boss at a certain level.


In this game you will be adventurous and you are rolling gunbrick task to reach the finish box located at the end of the level. Gunbrick guided through the obstacles that you face is a puzzle that you must solve. In the play you should be prosecuted jelly into account the side where the box will land and take advantage of the combination shield and a gun in the past obstacles existing level.

Obstacles in this very challenging game Gunbrick to you will be made to squeeze your brain in finish. In each level you are required to take into account the large number of jelly in your hand rotation so that movement on the part of the gun shield and your vehicle could be in the right position. When you use a shield to defend the enemy projectiles or wear it so that you are safe.

Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans

Activities that must be performed on the Clash of Clans is attacked, namely to get the booty that is used to build and improve the village’s defense, then what kind of a sniper attack strategy of a level of Town Hall.



Prepare troops consisting of 1-2 healers, 14-16 giant, 4 bomb, the remaining goblins and archer. After the camp filled with troops, you can make more troops so that after the attack, our troops already there are some and we need again to wait long until the troops ready to strike again. And if you want to choose your opponent, we will be charged. The amount of the charge depends on the level of Town Hall. This means that the higher the level of Town Hall, the greater the cost to pick the opponent. Feel free to remove the gold that much to choose an opponent. Here you can find opponents who have a lot of gold and elixir. If you can find opponents that no air defense. Fishing line troops in the Clan Castle opponents until they are out of range of defense and the opponent with Acher, after water destroyed defense you can only issue a healer and let the Giant that destroyed most of the enemy defense. Well  that you remove the goblins to take the gold and elixir.

Here I will give an easy way to get the gems without having to buy

In Clash of Clans, gems you can get free from the complete achievement. Below I show an achievement that I think is the easiest to obtain:

1250 trophy get 250 gems
2000 trophy get 450 gems
2600 trophy get 1000 gems
3200 trophy get 2000 gems

An easy way to get the trophy is when we want to attack the enemy, choose an opponent who put Town Hall outside the fence and destroy the Town Hall with Acher. With you destroy the Town Hall, we’ve got the trophy. For the do it over and over again until trophy met.

You already have a Town Hall level 7, it is very easy to find opponents that much gold and elixir of the Town Hall level 8. Now for it at Town hall better level 7 you upgrade defense until stuck.

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World of Warriors with a brilliant battle system

You can imagine if the greatest heroes in history, all come together and fight at the same time. Well this is happening in the World of Warriors who provide deluxe 3D turn based combat. You can create a team with a great hero of the whole world, all given as a cartoon version of a very detailed. This game provides a series of battles with most offering 3 3 opponents similar to Injustice Gods Among Us. Here you can switch your hero in mid-fight to get the best advantage over opponents who are fighting.


World of Warriors is very easy to play and to see the high level of production levels of the game this year. Each battle includes deluxe 3D animated cartoon hero with every attack them, swamps and special moves. Game is very cool to watch the incredible fight for all the movements, with a cool voice in accordance with the movement. Your objective is to only have one hero who stands at the end of the game. While the enemies in any way to beat you. You must use the right strategy to defeat the enemy because every hero that you have all have characteristics that qualified science. And correlation with other heroes in terms of classification. This game will begin to be given an initial set of heroes and then you will be able to upgrade your hero. If you like World of Warriors  and want get the hack you can visit at

No matter what you have heroes, in every battle plays out relatively the same. combat composed into a series based on time, so for a steady sword attack, you simply press when the meter screen at the point of maximum target. You can fine-tune the high damage attacks, or at least would make a strong damage. Special power is what really changed the tide because you will create a high damage on your enemy or widespread attack by an attacker who is given.

Own Kingdom Android Game Review

This time I will give you a complete review of the reviews for Own Kingdom. Before I start the review in detail this game it helps you get basic information about Own Kingdom. This review will be devoted to taste and feel when playing a more detailed explanation.


Own Kingdom is a strategy game, here you play a role as a daughter of the duty to seize the kingdom from the hands of the devil. That is by placing three types of forces are warrior, archer and mage. Warrior should be placed on the ground, while for Acher and mage you have to put in a building which in this game is called barracks. As in other strategy games, at the start of battle, you will be provided with an amount of money that you can spend to buy three types of forces earlier. Third the price is different from the type of the order of cheap to expensive ie, warrior, Acher and mage. For that you have to be smart to choose to use limited resources to ward off attacks that come so bumpy.

As a royal princess not only organize the army, but also must have special abilities such as blowing wind to dispel enemy was approaching, bringing rain and other meteor. These capabilities are very necessary, because sometimes the strength of the enemy and you do not balanced.

Before the wave is completed, there will be a sign of a few seconds to come will be the next wave, if you tap the sign, then the next wave will come right at that moment. Sometimes it can be used as an advantage because as soon as I get extra coins that can be used to upgrade each of the troops, despite the fact of killing our enemies can also coins. The sooner you call the next wave instantly then the greater your chances of getting the coin coin

Sneaky sneaky stealth game Review

Since our first look at Sneaky Sneaky in IGF 2014, I was very impressed at all and we enter the radar observations. When the game Sneaky Sneaky which has been Released 12 November 2014 and, I hope in my Steam Naiad Entertainment will launch as the creator of the iOS version of the same year and was lucky that my expectations finally come true as well. After playing less than 5 hours, I concluded that I did not wait in vain. Sneaky Sneaky is a stealth game that is very impressive.


One more reason that makes me not like stealth games is the presence of motion alarms are always disturbing me. I play a thief who always scared and did not dare to take the fight. Try if we compare it with other games like Lupin or Kaitou Kid, they perform an action in a professional and very cool. But this is not an appropriate comparison. But I want if caught, do not give up so easily. Finally the game Sneaky Sneaky is my answer for this. maybe there are also other similar games, but we feel the new never find anything like this on a mobile platform

In this game we will play as a thief named Sneaky. Sneaky managed to steal a bag of rubies but unfortunately he was caught and rubi bag seized by a crow. Your job is to help Sneaky to escape from prison and of course you will collect the rubies that have been seized. gameplay in this game is very easy and comfortable to play, but in a place that you want and Sneaky will run automatically in the direction you want. To do something you live archery with enough tap on the character you drag to draw the bow arrows like slingshot game.


At first Sneaky only with bare hands, as to increase your level, here you will get a variety of equipment such as swords, hammers, arrows and so on that very function to help you sneak action. What is interesting in the game Sneaky Sneaky also has statistical character like an RPG game, where every Sneaky level up you will get a skill point that you can use to add Sneaky lives. Increases the damage of your swords or arrows, as well as add a step in the turn-based attacks.

In accordance with its title in every one of you here must be done secretly, and as much as possible you use sneak (melee) attack to any attack that you will do. Here Sneaky can hide in the bush bush. And by the time you will be safe hiding in the bush bush. There are several types of enemies can not detect that you’re hiding. If so do you have to do is launch a sneak attack on the enemy’s right who were before you. One thing that you should know is that every enemy also has the characteristics of each. As an example of the enemy’s skull wearing armor you are able to avoid the attack by jumping backward.