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Call Of Duty Heroes Review: Celerium, Gold & Oil Resources

Call of Duty Heroes prioritize and adapt, we build a military base with graphic full 3D with defense, barracks, vehicle and building existing resources. With much of the gold and oil will allow create a formidable force and sophisticated armored vehicles in an effort to fight against your opponent’s base and for having a lot of experience, resources will reach the top position. Then we will ask a question about the word “Heroes”? In addition to the fire and the troops were forgotten and your vehicle can also release the forces in the enemy base. Call of Duty Heroes combines controlled character of Black Ops and Modern Warfare.


In Call of Duty Heroes is full of social features, such as for example an alliance that has a function as a de facto clans, which allows you to join up to 25 more members to take such great superpower. And you can also contribute forces and provide support to the friends of your friends in the clans or also you can hoard resources and ammunition to attack, where you and your affiliates will fight a match with other alliances.

But this game is not only a military social games alone, for this kind of solitary, Call of Duty Heroes campaign with the mission length is divided into five continents. Which each contain pre-built base for you to attack progress through missions with a high enough score to open the continent is still in the lock. And the mission is definitely stronger than previously missions. And if you do not want to attack and play alone, you can play Call of Duty Heroes with survival mode will send waves of increasingly difficult forces you to test how big your castle.

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Gunbrick Review

Gunbrick is a game puzzle platformer very challenging which has benefits on both sides of the vehicle box you have. For mere information, Gunbrick itself is a strange vehicle name will you control the whole way in this game. As there is no wheel around the four sides, automatically you will move gunbrick by means rolling through the sweep of a finger on the screen. Uniquely in this game, the vehicle has a shield Gunbrick located at the top as well as the style of Mega Man blaster pistol found on the bottom. Utilizing on both this side is the key for pass through hurdle puzzle who has been ye temuai along the action ye inside rolling in gunbrick. To the shield you can use to block the laser and fire pit trap contained in this game. As for the gun, you can catapult gunbrick opposite direction and attack the enemy or boss at a certain level.


In this game you will be adventurous and you are rolling gunbrick task to reach the finish box located at the end of the level. Gunbrick guided through the obstacles that you face is a puzzle that you must solve. In the play you should be prosecuted jelly into account the side where the box will land and take advantage of the combination shield and a gun in the past obstacles existing level.

Obstacles in this very challenging game Gunbrick to you will be made to squeeze your brain in finish. In each level you are required to take into account the large number of jelly in your hand rotation so that movement on the part of the gun shield and your vehicle could be in the right position. When you use a shield to defend the enemy projectiles or wear it so that you are safe.

Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans

Activities that must be performed on the Clash of Clans is attacked, namely to get the booty that is used to build and improve the village’s defense, then what kind of a sniper attack strategy of a level of Town Hall.



Prepare troops consisting of 1-2 healers, 14-16 giant, 4 bomb, the remaining goblins and archer. After the camp filled with troops, you can make more troops so that after the attack, our troops already there are some and we need again to wait long until the troops ready to strike again. And if you want to choose your opponent, we will be charged. The amount of the charge depends on the level of Town Hall. This means that the higher the level of Town Hall, the greater the cost to pick the opponent. Feel free to remove the gold that much to choose an opponent. Here you can find opponents who have a lot of gold and elixir. If you can find opponents that no air defense. Fishing line troops in the Clan Castle opponents until they are out of range of defense and the opponent with Acher, after water destroyed defense you can only issue a healer and let the Giant that destroyed most of the enemy defense. Well  that you remove the goblins to take the gold and elixir.

Here I will give an easy way to get the gems without having to buy

In Clash of Clans, gems you can get free from the complete achievement. Below I show an achievement that I think is the easiest to obtain:

1250 trophy get 250 gems
2000 trophy get 450 gems
2600 trophy get 1000 gems
3200 trophy get 2000 gems

An easy way to get the trophy is when we want to attack the enemy, choose an opponent who put Town Hall outside the fence and destroy the Town Hall with Acher. With you destroy the Town Hall, we’ve got the trophy. For the do it over and over again until trophy met.

You already have a Town Hall level 7, it is very easy to find opponents that much gold and elixir of the Town Hall level 8. Now for it at Town hall better level 7 you upgrade defense until stuck.

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