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GTA 5 will be released in the PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Today through Sony held a question and answer session at E3, we get the news that one of the best amusements discharged a year ago, Grand Theft Auto 5, will be accessible in the PS4. Anyway, if the PS4 be the main advanced comfort that get open-world session of this colossal? The answer is surely no, no notice of Xbox One and PC rendition is a characteristic thing on the grounds that the declaration is made on his show Sony.


As per the declaration given Sony, in the event that you beforehand played GTA 5 Online (one of the components that exist in GTA V) on the PS3 or Xbox 360, then you can proceed with your character in GTA Online PS4. This obviously additionally applies in the event that you like to get the PC form and the Xbox One. Also Rockstar additionally declared that the new form will have enhanced nature of surfaces, determination, and a more swarmed environment.

Obviously that made me inspired by this declaration is not a specialized matter was not essential as visual quality more detail, yet that now exists in GTA V PS3 and Xbox 360 even I think this is sufficient, the most intriguing is the way that this diversion will go into PC. Simply envision what sort of different sorts of mod we can get if GTA 5 on the PC. In the event that GTA IV could just do something like this, conceivable outcomes of GTA 5  is clearly much more extensive.

GTA V will be discharged for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in the pre-winter of 2014 (around the month of September to November). And we will be launch GTA 5 money hack online to get more money, armor and others

How to Hide Dark Elixir on Clash of Clans

Hi gamers, do you often get into trouble as a result of farming resources have you piled but depleted taken away overnight after you stay asleep? This could happen by any player since Clash of Clans is a global online game, so hours of play time you certainly are not the same as the other players. So whenever another player can seize your property such as gold, and Dark elixir elixirs. Due to modifications in the system Dark Elixir (Dark Elixir can begin to be built in the Town Hall 8 and the reduction of costs for refills Dark Elixir inferno Tower), and time for me to share the secrets of how to easily hide Dark Elixir in the base.


Troops Prepare to hide Dark Elixir

The essence of the way in concealing Dark Elixir actually the same as we are in hiding Elixir trick is to hoard Troops in barrack training queue and this time I will be attempting to provide the best combination of heap troops for each level of Town Hall. Because the Dark level Barracks owned different and diverse players. So the combination of the following I will assume Dark Barracks to be used is at the maximum level of each level of Town Hall.

Town Hall 7: 10 units Hog Rider level 2 in 1 Dark Barrack level 2 = 450 Dark Elixir

Town Hall 8: 14 units Hog Rider level 4 in 2 Dark Barrack level 4 = 1624 Dark Elixir, or

Town Hall 8: 8 units Valkyrie level 2 + 1 unit Hog Rider level 4 in 2 Dark Barrack level 4 = 1716 Dark Elixir

Town Hall 8: 2 units Golem level 2 + 2 units Hog Rider level 4 in 2 Dark Barrack level 4 = 2332 Dark Elixir

Town Hall 9/10: 7 Witch unit level 2 + 1 unit Hog Rider 2 level 5 in Barrack Dark Dark level 6 = 10,060 Elixir

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