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Defensive Strategies on Boom Beach

Protect Your Headquarters

To win the fight on Boom Beach, the aggressor needs to devastate your Headquarters. At the point when the Headquarters is demolished, everything else explodes and the assailant is remunerated with Resources stolen from you!! Hence, you have to shield your Headquarters no matter what. An extensive segment of your Defensive Buildings ought to cover this essential building.


Secure your non Defensive Buildings

The Sawmill, Gold stockpiling, and so on. These structures are useless to you regarding shielding your base. However, this doesn’t mean you can simply overlook these building and spot them anyplace you need. For each building the assailant obliterates, they get 3 Energy for their Gunboat. This makes them critical to the assailant, and accordingly they are essential to you! To dodge this, place these structures inside of scope of your protections, and in spots where the assailant won’t effectively crush them on Boom Beach.

Space between structures

In the event that the sides of two, three or four structures are touching one another, one Artillery Shell can harm every one of them on the double by shooting at the spot where the structures touch one another. If you want unlimited diamonds you can try boom beach hack tool on here

Take a gander at the photo beneath, if your barriers are set like on the left, the assailant can shoot an Artillery shell right in the center. In the event that the structures are set like on the right, then this is no more conceivable.