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Fat Baby Galaxy Review : Arcade Platformer Fun with Checkpoint

Side-looking over arcade-style shooter stage, hear these words just appear to be entirely confounding. With a components’ percentage above could cover around 2 to 3 recreations, however truth be told there is an amusement that incorporates every one of the components in the above entitled Fat Baby Galaxy. In light of the trailer, the amusement is entirely intriguing, yet after some time it turns played Fat Baby Galaxy additionally fascinating from the trailer.


Fat Baby Galaxy itself is an arcade diversion made on the two-man group. The diversion itself was motivated from an amusement and arcade platformer is Donkey Kong Country grouping and the Tempest. Amusement rhythm is sufficiently quick introduces a gameplay component that once in a while exist in the diversion runner like.

Fat Baby Galaxy in the part you will be a cosmo-bots Fat Baby joined by Gyro-7 which will investigate a wide mixed bag of planets and universes. The principle control in this amusement is simply tap to hop, and tap again to hop down rapidly, however there are a few controls again as per the states of Fat Baby itself, for instance, while in the water, you ought to have the capacity to adjust Fat Baby all together not sink with tap-safe, or when the turnover levels that oblige you to utilize the tilt controls.

Dissimilar to the greater part of the runner arcade diversion, in Fat Baby Galaxy you will be given a HP bar that you can refill with taking stars scattered in the amusement. On the off chance that you collide with a deterrent you won’t pass on promptly, yet yours will be decreased hp bar. In any case, a few hindrances could specifically membuamu kick the bucket in a moment like falling into the pit, slamming thistles, electric stun et cetera.

Stars in the diversion serves as hp bar, as well as if the star is full brilliant dah, you can enact the force ups that you select toward the amusement’s start menu. There are just three force ups in the amusement that shield, magnets, and moderate movement. The amusement will occur at a quick beat, force up is exceptionally helpful on the off chance that you have a terrible reflex, however in the event that you have great reflexes, you can complete the stage without utilizing force ups however.

As I said before, Fat Baby Galaxy likewise contains components of shooter that obliges you to shoot foes that are accessible, the robot that you control will consequently fire if under specific conditions, so you don’t need to trouble any longer with extra controls for shooting. Also, each completed second checkpoint you will be given a third individual perspective where you will be moving in a corridor while shooting, and that is the place you will utilize the tilt controls.

A standout amongst the most menjengelkan in Fat Baby Galaxy is a component checkpoints that exist in the diversion. On the off chance that the checkpoint is to assist customary with gaming, yet in this amusement checkpoint is an element of PHP. On the off chance that you’ve passed the checkpoint ought to after death you will rehash the checkpoint’s level, however indeed for a checkpoint’s rehash guide you have toward pay the stores as much as 4 jewel or watch feature advertisements that long. So on the off chance that you play disconnected from the net you can not utilize components such checkpoints and compelled to begin once again once more.

In this amusement are likewise accessible an outfits’ percentage that you can purchase, sadly to purchase the ensemble you require 10 jewel and the precious stone wouldn’t you be able to get in the diversion. You can purchase utilizing IAP accessible or of a troublesome journey.

Freestyle Baseball 2 Reviews

Sport games currently dominated by football games. But not a few other sports games have a quality that is no less cool. Call it a famous sports games like EA Sports UFC, Madden NFL Mobile, Real Boxing, and much more. Those games have good graphics and very interesting features so many players who want to try those games. And there are new sports game that is not less thrill entitled Freestyle Baseball 2. This game has a cell shaded graphics with a unique style, besides any character in this game has a lot of abilities that you can choose according your wishes.


In Freestyle Baseball game 2 you will play into the pitcher or the pitcher and batter or hitter. When I became a thrower you can throw the ball any direction you want. How to throw a ball in this game can not be arbitrary, you have to tap and hold off when the indicator is in the middle of the right circle. Then to determine the direction of the ball you can tap and slide. In throwing you choose a variety of techniques, the character that I use only 2-throw technique and 1 special technique. Throw technique common in this game does not take eneergi who are in the top blue bar. The more you succeed in making the opponent fails to hit the ball, the more energy you get. Besides this game has a HP system, each of you managed to strike and managed to hit the ball, HP opponent will be reduced. If HP one of the players runs out, he will lose.

Unlike the guys throwing the ball, the ball hit you must have the proper timing so that the ball can be hit with good guys. I myself was very difficult to hit the ball because when hitting the timing must be precise in order to throw the ball away. And you can also use a special skill that can give a very painful effect damage to your opponent if you strike a ball that was thrown away. Especially if you get a homerun, you can bet your opponent blood will be drastically reduced.

One that makes this game interesting and exciting is the presence of slow motion when you hit the ball with a landslide or predictable homerun. And each character has a high-class has a certain effect when it will issue the moment or hit the ball with a landslide. And this character could throw the ball up to a distance of more than 100 meters if you manage to hit the ball well. Once homerun your opponent will definitely cluck bro. In this game applying the PvP system where you will fight against other players and visit apk mod download here .

To get the character or cool bat you can buy in shop bro. For a character you can buy it for 3000 coins for a normal character with random status. And if you want the character to the status of a premium you can afford to use a diamond, has been ascertained if you buy it using diamond you will get a character with 2 upwards. For a batsman you can only use the diamond to buy.