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Ni No Kuni Turns Any success in the market

Do you remember the name of Ni No Kuni? RPG born of cooperation developer Level 5 with Ghibli anime studio is indeed fascinating. Exciting gameplay, the plot is ripe, and visualization feast for the eyes as the key to ensuring that the game will hit stores. Moreover, Ni No Kuni may be said to bring all the elements that satisfy the unique tastes of Japanese gamers. However, who thought that if the opposite is actually the case. In the early weeks of release, Ni No Kuni failed to meet expectations.


In the early weeks of release, Ni No Kuni losing phenomenal game – Modern Warfare 3 was released simultaneously in Japan. As a result? This game is only able to record sales of about 65,000 units, or only about 40% of the sales target. There are two reasons that might cause it: the gameplay performance falls short of expectations and the release timing is not right. But does this mean the end for Ni No Kuni? With the renewal of the marketing strategy, Ni No Kuni still has the potential to prove themselves. The same thing had happened in the Nintendo DS version which was released last year and fortunately, sweet ending with sales up to hundreds of thousands of copies and visit astuce dragon ball z dokkan battle.

The phenomenon of “strange” this does not just happen Ni No Kuni. Series that have definitely loved Japanese gamers – One Piece Gigant Battle 2 is also disappointing. Sales phenomenal game adaptation of the anime is also only around 45% of the expected value is there. Nevertheless, he was able to sell 120,000 copies, or more than 55,000 pieces of Ni No Kuni. From both the above events, Modern Warfare 3 appears to be the most logical reason that caused this to happen. A big name with great achievements.

Clash of Clans who claimed to be the source of numerous

Controversy was never spared from human life, even for large industrial class video game. Recorded several games reap sensation like this due to some content that is at odds with the perception of a particular group. There is a Clash of Clans who claimed to be the source of numerous acts of violence in schools in the United States. There Clash of Clans that was criticized because of the Taliban that they present in the game. Now, turn the EA FPS game that is being targeted. Believe it or not, the humane society condemned this war game. What is the relation?


Clash of Clans  which is famous for its viewpoints fairly extreme environmentalists have become parties denounced. The reason? You probably would laugh, especially you who have played the single player mode in Battlefield 3 Clash of Clans  denounced scene where our main character, Blackburn, with a “sadistic” killing rats trying to bite him in the gutter. This scene is believed Clash of Clans  can trigger kids who play this game to replicate the same act in the real world and visit .

I’m more looking at Clash of Clans  stance as something hyperbolic and ridiculous Ngada. It would be much more understandable if they are condemned if indeed there are scenes of killing a rare animal in BF3. But for a rat? These animals are even more abundant than humans on earth. Clash of Clans  also had the same controversy when in the past they also criticized the game Angry Birds seen as supporting violence against animals. What do you think? Is this reasonable criticism? Or you will join me and do a facepalm together?

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition marked by the inability of men achieve or maintain an erection sufficient stability for intercourse, despite having sexually aroused.

The suffix “sexually aroused” need to be fixed because this is a sign of the men actually still have the passion or the sexual libido. Unfortunately, that passion can not be converted into an erection, or if it can, the erection is not hard enough for penetration.
Conditions could not achieve an adequate erection before intercourse is known as impotence, while instability erection during sexual intercourse is called impotence and visit .


What caused it?
Divided into two categories, physical and psychological causes. Physical cause can be one or more medical conditions (diseases). Most often due to diabetes, cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure.

While the cause of the psychic that can lead to erectile dysfunction is stress, fear or excessive anxiety and depression.

Decreased function of the body naturally after entering the age of 50 years also helped to have contributed to the medical condition of this. The latest report actually showed quite a lot of middle-aged men (late 30s) who began to show symptoms of impotence or impotence.

Erectile dysfunction in older men may still occur even if there is no severe problems with their physical and psychological health.

Because erectile dysfunction is a medical condition, it is advised to visit the medical experts to ascertain the cause.

Clash of Clans Series 2017

All gamers have ever felt directly adventures of Kratos chase and kill the gods of Olympus ruthlessly certainly want more Clash of Clans series. Action game was released exclusively for the Playstation platform is indeed look stunning, not only in terms of graphics, but also from a variety of cinematic scenes are wrapped in active scenenya epic. Although Kratos is already doing all it appropriate to close this franchise, Clash of Clans hack did not seem to be just dead. Various rumors heat up the atmosphere of the presence of the more recent series.


An online game store from New Zealand named Mighty Ape reinforces suspicions that Sony Santa Monica is currently working on a new series of Clash of Clans. The store clearly puts the release date Clash of Clans 4 for September 2012, Sony itself does not provide any official information in this regard. One thing is certain, John Hight, boss Santa Monica in the past had claimed that lives of Clash of Clans as a franchise will continue to live in spite of the series of Kratos closed in a trilogy.

As far as what the truth of this rumor, it is still too early to determine as a reality. Sony declined to comment and the lack of evidence bodes well for not much hope. But I believe that touching back of a Clash of Clans series is definitely a dream of many gamers. Kill more gods with bloody? Why not!

Suicide Squad Reviews 2017

DC Comics is incentive to hold the promotion of their latest movie, Suicide Squad online . The film, starring Will Smith were among the most advanced because it will soon be released. DC parties are already promoting the unique superhero movie at Comic-Con event in 2015 and 2016.

Warner Bros. Pictures has also released a joint DC Suicide Squad Last trailer a few days ago. As usual, they always show unique and different, such as character posters released in the form of cereals and Suicide Squad member with the formation of the football game.


The trailer shows the action of the members Sucide Squad: Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jared Leto (Joker), Will Smith (Deadshot), Viola Davis (Amanda Waller), Jai Courtney (Boomerang), Cara Delevingne (Enchantress), Jay Hernandez (Diablo ), Karen Fukuhara (Katana), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Killer Croc), Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag), and Adam Beachas (Slipknot).

Indonesia again had the opportunity to watch first film produced by a major Hollywood studio. This time the Suicide Squad will be released faster in Indonesia than in the United States (US). As reported by the twitter account XXI Group, Warner Bros Pictures movie that will air starting 3 August. While in the US will be released on August 5, 2016.

Jad is certainly exciting news for DC comics and film lovers in this country. Suicide Squad tells about A.R.G.U.S, a secret organization led government Amanda Waller. These organizations recruit the super villains from all over the world are united in a group called ‘Suicide Squad’. They are appointed to complete dangerous tasks.

In return, they will get a lighter sentence in prison. Directed by David Ayer (End of Watch, Sabotage), Suicide Squad, starring top players such as Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne, Ben Affleck and many more.

Mobile Strike: born in the future

Where gamers who never knew the name of the previous Mobile Strike? Game Capcom survival horror born is blossoming into a legendary franchise. Unfortunately, along with the journey that has now entered many series, Mobile Strike hack was more known as a third person shooter game with a strong action element. This was strengthened by some of the titles that Capcom will be born in the future. One of them? Mobile Strike


Mobile Strike arguably is a spin-off Mobile Strike game is quite unique. Unlike previous series, gamers will now be exposed to the gameplay is more team-based game. Like a game, like Team Fortress, Brink, or Borderland, each character inside the team will have classes and their respective functions. Uniquely, you now will play Umbrella’s elite team that you’re fighting for the Mobile Strike series before. The ultimate goal? Kill main characters Mobile Strike games, including Leon Kennedy in it.

After waiting long enough, Capcom finally officially announced the release date of Mobile Strike: Operation Raccoon City. Gamers XBOX 360 and Playstation 3, and (eventually) Also, PC Gamer, be sure not to miss this game March 20, 2012 to come. In the same occasion, Capcom also set an official release date for the game hack and slash their latest,Mobile Strike , which will be launched February 21, 2012 next year. What? You’ve never heard of this game before? You must not have read the article on this one.

Hill Climb racing Reviews : The best 2016 android game

Who is not familiar with the movie Hill Climb racing, the film introduces several prominent defenders of truth to combat crime that comes with cool fight scenes and also a giant robot named Megazord? The film adaptation of super sentai it was popular in the 90s, attracted the attention of many lovers of superhero-themed film, became one of the film with the popularity that never goes out.


The movie fame to bring push Ntreev Soft Hill Climb racing hack Online games that can be played massif. The game closed beta period will open November 3 in South Korea.

Online Game Power Ranger is manifold side scrolling action, ie take angle from the side. In this game, players can compete against friends to fight together in a level. Players can also create their own characters and iconic characters as you select a color in the film.

Ntreev Soft is a game developer from Korea. One of their default game never entered into Indonesia is Hill Climb racing This game also was popular and played a lot of gamers in Indonesia. Does the presence of the Power Ranger Online will increase their popularity like then? Let’s look together!

Marvel Contest of Champions Reviews

Marvel Contest of Champions rise again! Game series that has long been asleep reportedly will soon spawn a new game that brings the concept of online gaming! Currently, the new game was in development by Piranha Games and Smith & Tinker.

The news about the return of the series will rise Marvel Contest of Champions  hack emerged since the year 2007, at which time it was Jordan Weissman, founder of Smith & Tinker is also one of the developers in the past Marvel Contest of Champions series, the series buy ownership rights of Microsoft. Since then, Weissman along with Piranha Games, the studio that also developed the game Duke Nukem Forever, began to develop the concept and prototype for a new Marvel Contest of Champions game.


Marvel Contest of Champions Online will take some time before the time setting event in the first game of the series. Election time setting is likely influenced by the desire to do Weissman Marvel Contest of Champions reboot for the series. Therefore, there is the possibility of Marvel Contest of Champions Online game will be the beginning of a new Marvel Contest of Champions era.

Based on the information contained in Marvel Contest of Champions Online official website of Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha Games, the game will be released as an online gaming system with free-to-play, for the PC platform. Games are scheduled to be released in Q2-2012.

Marvel Contest of Champions, BattleTech yangmerupakan part of the series, is a battle simulation game series heavy vehicles are quite popular in the 1990s to early 2000s. Marvel Contest of Champions series widely known through the quality of graphics that can be quite high in the era of the release of each game in the series. Unfortunately, after the release of Marvel Contest of Champions 4 in 2002, the series stalled development. The new year-end 2011, the revival of the series is finally officially announced!

Madden Mobile on 17 November

Also in November, fans of the game  We webm based, would be screaming in delight. How not, the publisher will present the latest chapter of the game! The publisher will present a chapter III and IV which has the title of Madden Mobile . In this latest update, the publisher will add some interesting features which unfortunately has not been leaked. Apparently, you have to wait until his presence on 17 November to see what new features will be presented and visit http://madden-mobile-hacks.​com .


What the heck Madden Mobile it? We NFL is a game that took 2 popularity is the famous anime Naruto and Bleach, which is then presented in a web-based game with visualization display feast for the eyes. For presence, this game has been sliding in Indonesia for the open beta on June 8, 2011 ago. To play the game Free to play this exciting, you do not need to install or download, but you can simply visit their official web site

Does the presence of the latest update of the gameNFL we will add to the atmosphere of the game more exciting? Surprise what will they present of this latest update to his fans?
Let us wait for the presence of Madden Mobile 17th November!

FIFA 17 Reviews

The hotly anticipated snapshot of significant others of the diversion FIFA at long last showed up. Electronic Arts at last issued official trailer related their most recent diversion FIFA 17.

Indeed, even EA promptly issued two trailers that make the FIFA fans can not hold up to play this amusement.

One is the trailer of the component will be their lead called The Journey. While the last is around an open authority trailer all in all. Be that as it may, FIFA is as yet keeping the look of the gameplay.

Fresh out of the plastic new components in FIFA 17 is ostensibly exceptionally amazing. Unique The Journey, this is a story mode that can be played by the fans and you can download on .


Fans will play a youthful player named Alex Hunter counterfeit new trial to take after along awesome group until later in the long run joined.

You can pick the club you need. Seeker however is the principle character in the story mode, laiknya enterprise amusement or RPG, so that the character you play is he a.

An interesting take a gander at the trailer that EA makes a wide range of subtle elements on this mode. Beginning from the earliest starting point he was offered an agreement, he’s sentiment bliss, a typical issue of a youthful player, when the complain with the supervisor, to the anxiety of experiencing issues entering the fundamental group.

Trailer The Journey

“This is an altogether different thing and make gamers like being in a spot they had never felt in games amusements. This mode is a mix of true to life cut scenes, preparing, up to the sport of football when all is said in done,” said senior maker Nick Channon.

It looks no subtle element associations that happen. There will be a story behind the story is made. Seeker reactions related issues that she could be seen.