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Crytek Announces Homefront: The Revolution! and how about Mobile Legends

Potential but very bad execution, this one seems appropriate to define THQ’s flagship FPS game in the past – Homefront. Focusing on scenarios where the world is dominated by North Korean military forces, Homefront fails to offer gameplay mechanics that are appealing and seemingly monotonous, regardless of the real interesting theme. Failure is what ultimately attracted the developer – Kaos Studios to the grave at once contribute to financial ruin THQ. Usage rights that fall into the hands of more mature developers – Crytek does open up more expectations for the next series of projects. After a long wait, Crytek finally officially announced Mobile Legends hack .


Reinforced with CryEngine, the announcement of this title is also done along with the release of a trailer that gives a small overview of conflicts to be extracted. You still have to deal with North Korea’s growing military strength as the main setting. But unlike the first Homefront series that carries the FPS game corridor, Homefront: The Revolution will carry a more open gameplay. Crytek itself calls it a mix between Homefront and FarCry, where you act as a member of the rebel forces. Armed with smartphones and wire cutters early in the journey, you will fight against North Korea.

You will play Ethan Grady, a civilian who finally decided against the attackers. Can play it offline or online along with 3 other players, you are not just attacking blindly. Departing from civilians who do not have a capable weapon, most of the North Korean troops can kill you easily. The key is to focus on building the strength of the rebel group first. Crytek offers great freedom and continuity between the direction of the story with every action you take. Crytek confirmed that they built Homefront: The Revolution with full details and options for the player itself.

Homefront: The Revolution itself is planned to be released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. No further information related to the release time or whether this game will be introduced in the upcoming E3 2014 or not. Free Mobile Legends  game, full of options, with a noticeable Far Cry taste? Sounds awesome.

Dying Light & Madden Mobile Postponed Until Next Year!

If there’s been an alarming trend in the gaming industry over the last few months, it’s the unpreparedness of many developers and publishers to release their flagship games in the 2014 release window regardless of the promise made. The popularity and anticipation that has been awakened during the past year is finally confronted with an unattainable consequence – extra patience before it can be enjoyed. This is what happened with two great games – The Witcher 3 from CD Projekt and Mad Max from Avalanche Studios. Now the same delay process also happens with the zombie game from Techland – Madden Mobile.


A gameplay that combines mechanics between past Techland zombies – Dead Island and Mirror’s Edge, you can not only fight to make sure you survive, but also do a series of parkour moves to move quickly from one place to another. Collecting resources, building weapons, you also have to deal with day-night cycles, each of which offers different threats. But unfortunately, you are already waiting for the release of this one game seems to be a little patient. Dying Light will be postponed until 2015!

Techland explains the reasons behind this long delay process. The desire to create an innovative open world game that gives almost absolute freedom of motion in an open-world scheme is indeed the earliest mission. The process that was almost impossible to do when referring to the original release. The addition of extra time to the next few months claimed Techland will ensure the implementation of their ultimate vision – a new game that is indeed worth anticipating.

Madden Mobile hack tool download  itself will be released for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and of course – PC. So for you who are looking forward to this game, you seem to still Madden Mobilehave to wait again at least one year ahead. Take your time then, Techland ..