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Kaspersky: Gamers Targets Hackers

News of gamers who become victims of hacking is not new. Along with expanding the world of video games, especially those connected to the virtual world, the potential for even greater burglary.

Renowned security systems provider, Kaspersky warned that the gamer has now become one of the main targets of hackers. In 2013, Kaspersky reported that there were approximately 11.7 million attacks aimed at gamers get roblox hack 2017 on here .


Gamers who live in Russia are most affected. There are approximately 8.81305 million attempted break-ins over the past year. Vietnam was second with 503 947, followed by China ranked third with 376 058 experiments.

“Especially in moments like Christmas, when many new releases, gamers must be careful to keep it safe,” said a senior analyst at Kaspersky Lab, roblox.

Steam to be one of the target of hackers love to steal usernames and passwords for someone to sell kembali.GTA V was not spared a means for hackers. When GTA V release many sites offering counterfeit access to be able to download the game.

This incident should have alerted you gamers to be more careful in playing the game online. Always make sure you use complicated passwords and never click on any links that are not clear origins.

Ubisoft Releases Latest Screenshot AC: Liberation HD

An annual franchise that continues to make a positive reaction from the fans, the name of Assassin’s Creed is growing into one of the biggest franchises in the gaming industry today. Although the gameplay mechanics offered the same count in each year, but always brings innovation Ubisoft enough content to attract more fans back menjajalnya. The franchise itself continues to expand, not only for the console, but also other platforms such as handhelds and mobile. One that could attract the attention? Of course AC: Liberation, which was released on the PS Vita a few years ago. Series which will be re-released by GTA 5 in the form of the “new”.


HD Remaster process it has become one of the most common sights in the gaming industry today, as it will be applied Ubisoft AC: Liberation – a series of comparatively unique, thanks to the release of PS Vita platform and the main female character – Aveline he stretcher. Trying to release them back in high definition format, Ubisoft prepares AC: Liberation HD for the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. So how inappropriate this game ogled? Released the latest series of screenshots to show an increase in visual quality offered by GTA 5, an overhaul of its version of the PS Vita and visit this website .

Madden Mobile 2017 Review

Madden Mobile admittedly are two of the franchise’s best first person shooter game in the gaming industry today, especially when we categorized them in the sub-genre of “arcade”. But once we are talking about an Sport game simulation that represents an animated motion and a state of war in the real world, no one was able to subdue detail offered by Bohemia Interactive’s flagship franchise – Arma. But it is not just a simulation that makes this game increasingly popular, but also the support of the community that is consistently throwing cool new content into it. An exact formula can be maximized by other competitors FPS games like Madden NFL Mobile Coins hack.


Speaking in PC Gaming World Congress some time ago, Dean Hall – the mastermind behind the most popular Arma mod, Dayz discuss how modding play an important role in the gaming industry. Hall even states can even be used as a primary weapon Madden Mobile for supremacy in the competition’s classic FPS games. Hall assured that if EA and DICE for Madden Mobile opportunities latest modification, then this series will easily kill the latest series Arma. Imagine how the Frostbite Engine 3.0 can be maximized to form a series of new mod that carries more gameplay modes and unique and diverse. A sensation he had missed since Madden Mobile 2 that still allow it.

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle – Best Review

Talking about Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle zeni hack, means talking about one of the most popular voice actors in the game industry – Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle. Through a deep voice and a charismatic voice actors who one is, the character Snake life survived four generations, and grew into one of the icons that are not replaceable in the gaming industry. Not surprisingly, it seems that many gamers who expect that Hayter will return as the voice of Snake after official confirmation of the existence Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle But what happened? Kojima actually comes with a surprising decision. Hayter no longer called, and for the first time in history – Snake will get a new voice. Who is eligible for this prestigious position? Say hello to Kiefer Sutherland.


Most of you would be familiar with this name. Through his behavior was epic as Jack Bauer in the series West “24”, the quality of acting and charisma Sutherland is indisputable. The appeal is also likely to eventually attract Kojima. So, why the sudden switch Hayter? Fox Engine with the latest technology, Kojima stated that Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battleis built in a different way, with a new potential that has never existed in the previous series. This is not just visualize the character through word games, he felt called to create the character Big Boss stronger through facial expressions, voice, and intonation. To represent the character of the 49-year-old, Kojima viewed Keifer Sutherland as the most appropriate figure. Sutherland will also become an actor mo-cap for mo-cap Big Boss.

Release Date Call of Duty: Ghosts Leaks in Cyberspace?

Existence of Modern Warfare 4 which was believed to decorate the competitive landscape in 2013 seems increasingly eroded with so much information that it indicates the birth of a series of the latest Call of Duty – Ghosts. Details for this one game is still a mystery considering Activision and Infinity Ward prefers to shut up. However, various rumors continue to flow, flooding cyberspace with various speculations and claims information obtained from reliable sources. The best part? Some of this information is also supported by physical evidence that spreads in a variety of media hack  madden mobile.


Following the tradition that has been built in the previous series, the latest Call of Duty also seems to slide in this year-end holiday season. Compete and again faced with franchise mainstay EA and DICE – Battlefield 4 which will be launched on 31 October 2013, Call of Duty: Ghosts are said to be released a week later, on November 5, 2013. This information alone slid after one of the promo materials that is slid in cyberspace. Activision announced the game is believed to be in the near future.
This promo poster gives glimpse of the release date Call of Duty: Ghosts that will be launched on 5 November 2013. Activision and Infinity Ward will reportedly introduce this game in the near future.

As the years before also, later this year will be a great battle between the two biggest FPS franchise in the industry – VS Battlefield 4 Call of Duty: Ghosts. Who will win this battle? Who would be your favorite this while?

Watch Dogs Developed with New Engine

Where gamers are not fascinated with the project’s most ambitious gaming Ubisoft today – Watch Dogs? Introduced for the first time at E3 2012 ago, the game’s open world that one immediately caught the attention of all gamers around the world. Not only offers the world’s super spacious, Watch Dogs show quality visualization charming, full of detail, and wrapped with a gameplay mechanism based on unique technology. The announcement and the new gameplay video on the sidelines of the announcement of the Playstation 4 reinforced the reason for looking forward to this game. But where Ubisoft Montreal as developers get the ability to create such complexity? The answer: a new engine and visit clash royale astuce gamme


Rumored to be carrying the same engine used for Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft Technical Director – Sebastien Viard denied it flatly. For the first time, he opened a secret, which allows Ubisoft Montreal reasons for creating the world and gameplay complex as Watch Dogs. All this can be realized by the presence of a new engine they call Disrupt. The engine itself was deliberately developed by Ubisoft Montreal from the beginning to facilitate the needs of Watch Dogs itself. Unfortunately, Ubisoft itself does not explain in detail what can be done by the new engine.
No wonder if the Watch Dogs look stunning, not only visually but also in terms of the complexity of the mechanism, and the world built by Ubisoft Montreal. All thanks to a new engine named Disrupt.

The presence of a new engine that was deliberately built specifically of course further strengthens reason to look forward to welcoming Watch Dogs. Menjajalnya directly? No doubt, the expectations of most gamers in the year 2013. Watch Dogs is rumored to be released later this year for most of the available platforms, including the Nintendo Wii U and PC. Get yourself ready to be Disrupt-ed!

EA: Battlefield 4 Terlihat Memukau di Playstation 4

EA weapon to compete with Call of Duty from Activision is just rely on one name – Battlefield. By staying one name is spearheading, EA and DICE necessarily have the opportunity to focus and maximize this franchise, at least to penetrate a quality that exceeds the phenomenon of Battlefield 3 two years ago. One interesting, maximizing its engine Frostbite 2.0 is claimed will make Battlefield 4 is present in the visualization and quality of the next generation. Does this mean that Sony’s latest console – the Playstation 4 will mendapatkanya? So true. After being announced for PC, EA finally confirmed the existence of Battlefield 4 for the Playstation 4 and visit clash royale gemmes gratuites.


Not just announce it just like that, on the sidelines of his presentation at the Media and Telecom Conference recently, EA Chief Financial Officer – Blake Jorgensen openly praised Sony’s latest console. He stated that EA so interested and happy with the technical capabilities offered by Sony on the Playstation 4. There are so many new things that could eventually they apply, substantial things that are nearly impossible to run on previous technology. The result? Jorgensen called it riveting. A platform that seems to be able to facilitate the needs and imagination of the developer with the power of a ballpark. So when we can see it with the eyes and the head of his own? EA promised to release more information and a sneak peek of detail until E3 2013 and reveals Battlefield 4 officially.

Ni No Kuni Turns Any success in the market

Do you remember the name of Ni No Kuni? RPG born of cooperation developer Level 5 with Ghibli anime studio is indeed fascinating. Exciting gameplay, the plot is ripe, and visualization feast for the eyes as the key to ensuring that the game will hit stores. Moreover, Ni No Kuni may be said to bring all the elements that satisfy the unique tastes of Japanese gamers. However, who thought that if the opposite is actually the case. In the early weeks of release, Ni No Kuni failed to meet expectations.


In the early weeks of release, Ni No Kuni losing phenomenal game – Modern Warfare 3 was released simultaneously in Japan. As a result? This game is only able to record sales of about 65,000 units, or only about 40% of the sales target. There are two reasons that might cause it: the gameplay performance falls short of expectations and the release timing is not right. But does this mean the end for Ni No Kuni? With the renewal of the marketing strategy, Ni No Kuni still has the potential to prove themselves. The same thing had happened in the Nintendo DS version which was released last year and fortunately, sweet ending with sales up to hundreds of thousands of copies and visit astuce dragon ball z dokkan battle.

The phenomenon of “strange” this does not just happen Ni No Kuni. Series that have definitely loved Japanese gamers – One Piece Gigant Battle 2 is also disappointing. Sales phenomenal game adaptation of the anime is also only around 45% of the expected value is there. Nevertheless, he was able to sell 120,000 copies, or more than 55,000 pieces of Ni No Kuni. From both the above events, Modern Warfare 3 appears to be the most logical reason that caused this to happen. A big name with great achievements.

Clash of Clans who claimed to be the source of numerous

Controversy was never spared from human life, even for large industrial class video game. Recorded several games reap sensation like this due to some content that is at odds with the perception of a particular group. There is a Clash of Clans who claimed to be the source of numerous acts of violence in schools in the United States. There Clash of Clans that was criticized because of the Taliban that they present in the game. Now, turn the EA FPS game that is being targeted. Believe it or not, the humane society condemned this war game. What is the relation?


Clash of Clans  which is famous for its viewpoints fairly extreme environmentalists have become parties denounced. The reason? You probably would laugh, especially you who have played the single player mode in Battlefield 3 Clash of Clans  denounced scene where our main character, Blackburn, with a “sadistic” killing rats trying to bite him in the gutter. This scene is believed Clash of Clans  can trigger kids who play this game to replicate the same act in the real world and visit .

I’m more looking at Clash of Clans  stance as something hyperbolic and ridiculous Ngada. It would be much more understandable if they are condemned if indeed there are scenes of killing a rare animal in BF3. But for a rat? These animals are even more abundant than humans on earth. Clash of Clans  also had the same controversy when in the past they also criticized the game Angry Birds seen as supporting violence against animals. What do you think? Is this reasonable criticism? Or you will join me and do a facepalm together?

Clash of Clans Series 2017

All gamers have ever felt directly adventures of Kratos chase and kill the gods of Olympus ruthlessly certainly want more Clash of Clans series. Action game was released exclusively for the Playstation platform is indeed look stunning, not only in terms of graphics, but also from a variety of cinematic scenes are wrapped in active scenenya epic. Although Kratos is already doing all it appropriate to close this franchise, Clash of Clans hack did not seem to be just dead. Various rumors heat up the atmosphere of the presence of the more recent series.


An online game store from New Zealand named Mighty Ape reinforces suspicions that Sony Santa Monica is currently working on a new series of Clash of Clans. The store clearly puts the release date Clash of Clans 4 for September 2012, Sony itself does not provide any official information in this regard. One thing is certain, John Hight, boss Santa Monica in the past had claimed that lives of Clash of Clans as a franchise will continue to live in spite of the series of Kratos closed in a trilogy.

As far as what the truth of this rumor, it is still too early to determine as a reality. Sony declined to comment and the lack of evidence bodes well for not much hope. But I believe that touching back of a Clash of Clans series is definitely a dream of many gamers. Kill more gods with bloody? Why not!